Villa “Sea Wave” is a modern home 50 meters away from the Black Sea coast

At the very heart of a unique gated community
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More than just a house by the sea

Villa “Sea Wave” is not just an average nice house on a seacoast because it is located in an amazing place — the Sosnoviy Bor gated community

It is the only gated community of its kind placed in between ever-green pine woods and the crystal-clear waters of the Black Sea

A unique location

The community is the home for the only pine forest reserve on the Odessa Coast called ‘Luzanovsky wood’ which is over 100 ha.

It is state-protected for its unique fauna: squirrels, hares and over 30 species of red-listed birds.

You can even encounter some near your house or while walking in the wood that you will be allowed to all year round.

A high
level of security

The community’s closed regime creates an atmosphere of homelike comfort. The community’s territory is equipped with up-to-date electronic and organizational security systems ensuring maximum comfort for the residents and guests (24/7 territory patrol, digital entry, detectors all around the territory, etc.)

Our own property management

Professional community management is done by a special management company that reports its performance every three months.

The reports contain detailed statement of expenditures on staff and facilities. It also does regular presentations on the community’s development plans.

An operating yacht club

In the community’s western area there is a yacht club called ‘Sosnovy bereg’ (‘pine coast’). Constructed in accordance with international standards it ensures safe yacht parking in any season.

Currently, there are vacant lots available at the yacht club.

Well-developed internal

Each house is equipped with electricity (400 V, 10kW) with possibility to increase it to 200 kW and centralized water and gas supply, sewage disposal, two lines of fast fiber optic internet and TV.

The owners have provided the community with a high-voltage electricity line and received benefits and ample high-power supply from Odessaolbenergo.

All community’s residents are allowed to the comfy private beaches with showers, toilets and lounge chairs. There are also child’s playgrounds and sports areas, a private concrete promenade bending around the shoreline.

Best neighbors

The community is a home for wealthy and successful people that don’t seek to live in ordinary homes and boring surroundings, but do choose the best for themselves and their families.

This is the place that creates inspiration for new ideas and accomplishments.

+ The website of the Sosnovy Bereg community
Photos made by the community’s residents
- from the community’s official Instagram
Houses’ features
Noise protection
The partition walls are brick-made
Maximum structural stability
The foundation is based on 40 prefabricated 15-m long piles braced by concrete grade beams; the foundation goes down 6 m below sea level into the meotic layer. The covering slabs are reinforced with earthquake protecting bars.
Up-to-date building materials
The house’s walls are made of red ceramic efficient bricks and insulated with 50-mm thick basalt wood. The façade is from stone stimulant (travertine)
Unique landscaping
Multi-tier terraces, spacious promenades, panoramic view-point grounds and an old pine wood
All needed utility facilities
400V/10kW electricity extendable up to 100kW; urbanized water supply and water disposal; gas supply; ultra-modern communication facilities; private gas heating (a boiler room)
Houses’ technical parameters
1 floor
2 floor
  • Total size of the house: 296 m2
  • Size of the living space: 240 m2
  • Surrounding area: 10000 m2
  • Ceiling height: 3,4 m
  • Total size of the house: 296 m2
  • Size of the living space: 240 m2
  • Surrounding area: 10000 m2
  • Ceiling height: 3,4 m
The construction has been finished. Now it’s only left to fill the house with home-like comfort
Feel free to make your own design
The house is fully prepared for interior design. You can get down to the interior design project without having to do any dismantlement.
An interior design idea for your home
Just 150 meters from the house there is a functioning yacht club
Enjoy the fresh air all year round thanks to the leafy-coniferous reserve "Luzanovsky Forest"
Keep yourself in great shape on the sports grounds, which are located on the shore at a distance of 150 meters from the house and on a two-kilometer quay for jogs
How much is it to move in your dream home?
80 BTC
1100 ETH

Price is less priority when it comes to the perfect place for living, isn’t it?

If Villa “Sea Wave” is the right place for you, please, contact us and we’ll discuss the price and all available payment options.

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